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First Class Support Letter

Human Edge is a very large provider of school admin systems (SAS2000). They are also the provider of the widely used First Class timetabling system.
This letter shows there is very strong industry support for integration between independent systems, as an alternative to the current practice of educational entities building their own, bespoke, large administration systems - designed to 'fit all' schools. The industry wants government and other educational entities to promote clear and open standards, and actually allow and promote the integration between systems. While SIF meets some of these needs, current practice has big admin systems locking out independent vendors and not permitting, (or hindering) integration. This and other problems in big admin system is seen in QLD One School, the Victorian Ultranet, the NSW ERN (Link-1 Link-2 Link-3), and NT/WA SAMS ... among other examples. Also - supporting an integration protocol is not the same as allowing it to be used by third parties.